If your vehicle is in need of RAR services, you can always count on CTE Trailers!

We will help you register the vehicle under your name and issue licence plates in the shortest time. And if your plates are for international use, don’t worry about that either. We can help in that situation as well. Our experience in international purchases plays a big part in our mission to guide you through importing vehicles, obtaining documents, registration and transport to Romania, Bulgaria or other destinations.

RAR authenticity

  • preparation of the necessary documentation to obtain the authentication documents;
  • payment of fees: authenticity fee;
  • preparation of files and their transmission in RAR;
  • presentation of the vehicle in the RAR;
  • delivery of documents to the customer’s address

Homologation / National Individual / Type Registration / Modifications

  • preparation of the documentation required to obtain the approval documents;
  • payment of fees: homologation fee
  • drawing up the file and submitting it to the RAR
  • presentation of the vehicle to the RAR
  • delivery of documents to the client’s premises 

Duplicate CIV

  • drafting the documentation necessary to obtain the duplicate CIV;
  • payment of fees: duplicate fee
  • drawing up the file and submitting it to the RAR

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